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At Roger Smith Installations, sustainability is very important to us. We only buy the stock we need for our upcoming jobs which have been previously measured, allowing us to minimise waste. Whilst on site, our teams try to avoid waste by recycling any unused materials that are in good condition and are of a reasonable size. The focus for us is finding the balance between high quality materials that improve your home and last for many years, a neutral carbon footprint and a closed recycling loop. 

Material property benefits

PVC-U is sometimes erroneously perceived to be 'unsustainable' because it is not organic like timber. But being organic is only one element of sustainability, and a less critical one in the exterior building products market, which by definition needs products to be highly durable, low maintenance and thermally efficient. PVC-U is an inherently insulating material, whereas timber is porous and aluminium is a conductor (prone to thermal bridging issues, a major cause of condensation)  On a like-for like basis PVC-U is the most thermally efficient material. PVC-U is also fully recyclable and can be recycled up to ten times with no material degradation. This gives a piece of PVC-U a minimum life of 350 years (source: BRE)


Timber is not recyclable and is most commonly disposed of by burning, which can be carcinogenic. Clearly PVC-U is a sustainable material, and offers better value for money than timber or aluminium to boot.           

An environmentally sound option:

• PVC-U windows achieve an A rating for residential buildings and an A+ rating for commercial projects in the BRE Green Guide
• Recycled PVC-U offers hundreds of years worth of usage
• Reduced environmental impact
• Purposed engineered to offer superior energy efficiency
• Reduced amount of PVC-U going to landfill

Did you know?

Where we can we also try to email your quotations, helping to reduce paper usage and it also helps to get the quotation to you quicker. If you have an email address please let us know.

Especially during the current pandemic it helps to avoid additional strain on the postal service as well as a non contact method for you to receive your quotation.

Above is the environmental statement made by one of our suppliers. 

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