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Fascia, Barge and Soffit

Product Details: Fascia, Barge and Soffit boards can be installed on homes old and new, giving your roofline an attractive, clean-edged finish. With the added benefit of controlling condensation and protecting your timber eaves and joists against rot.

Life Expectancy: These Products have a guarantee of up to 20 years (colour dependant) and are low maintenance for this and beyond.

Personalisation: Offered in a wide range of colours and styles, so each property is unique to the home owner. See below for more details and colour samples.

PVCu fascia, barge, soffit, gutter, box end, downpipe, vented soffit, White
Gable end, barge boards, white pvcu, home improvement

We have worked with UPVC for 30+ years and will always go the extra mile to achieve a perfect finish. 

Kestrel Approved Installer

We install various suppliers products but only choose the best quality. Rest assured whichever brand is used on your property it has been selected for its quality and durability. 

One particular brand we like to use, Kestrel, offer an Approved Installer scheme which we are proud to be part of. 

As a Kestrel Approved Installer we are part of our community of professional,

established installers.

One of the key differences in being a Kestrel Approved Installer is that rather than a ‘Registered Installer’ scheme, Kestrel have a policy of actively vetting all their ‘Approved Installers’ before they are admitted to the scheme. This is a clear distinction between being ‘Approved’ and simply being ‘Registered’.

In this way, Kestrel can offer you the peace of mind that both the product and the installation will meet or exceed your expectations. Kestrel Approved Installers are required to demonstrate the consistent ability to install the range of Kestrel building products in accordance with Kestrel’s installation guidelines. Having passed this vetting procedure, we have proved ourselves to be competent, professional and deserving of the trusted reputation that accompanies the status of being a Kestrel Approved Installer.


Installations are periodically inspected by Kestrel to ensure ongoing installation quality.

Fascias and Barge

fascia colours


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