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EPDM Flat Roofing

Product Details: EPDM is a popular and cost effective alternative to traditional felt. 

Life Expectancy: Rubberbond EPDM is a strong, long lasting system holding a guarantee of 20 years with a life expectancy of 50+.


Personalisation: This is available in Fleeceback or Single Ply depending on your requirements.

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best seller

Our EPDM is twice the strength of standard EPDM and the best looking on the market. It is also the only Fleeceback EPDM in the UK and performs like new even after 30 years. 


- Heat and flame free installation

- 180% greater tear resistance

- Natural slate grey membrane 

- 80% greater puncture resistance

- Will not tear or split or crack

- Only available to approved contractors, not to the DIY sector

- Affordable flat roof solution

- No moss or plant growth

- Low maintenance 

The only flat roof you will ever need.

Why choose anything else?

Contact us for a product sample and further information. 

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