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Dry Ridge

Product Details: Dry ridge systems are mechanically fixed and can be installed with existing ridges if they are in a good enough condition. 

Life Expectancy: The Dry Ridge system permanently secures the ridges onto your roof and holds a 10 year guarantee on all components.


Personalisation: We fit the Dry Ridge system using your original tiles and slates where possible so no further personalisation is needed.

klober dry ridge, dry fix. mechanical fix
klober dry ridge

Dry Ridge & Hip 

Roll-Fix® Kit is highly vapour-permeable, yet completely weatherproof. Designed to drape down over the top row of tiles on either side, the lower corrugated portion is finished with a durable, UV-stable coloured aluminium.

Product features & benefits

  • Mortar free

  • Lightweight, safe and easy to handle

  • Vapour permeable

  • Water and wind resistant

  • Self-adhesive butyl strip provides a permanently strong bond

  • UV stable

  • No harmful effects on surrounding materials and components

  • Highly resistant to mould growth and fungal attack

  • Highly durable, with a service life similar to roof structure and finishes

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Why Dry-Fix? 

The roof is the most exposed part of any building. Using mortar to secure vulnerable areas of the roof, such as the verge, will inevitably lead to future maintenance. Differential movement causes mortar to crack and no reliance should be placed on its tensile or shear strength. The action of frost and rain will exploit the development of hairline cracks.

In contrast, because Dry-Fix* roofing is mechanically fixed:

  • It is safe and secure and offers better resistance to wind uplift and water penetration.

  • It complies with BS 5534 requirements for mechanical fixing

  • Fixing need not be a problem in bad weather because, unlike mortar, many Dry-Fix roofing products can be easily installed, even in damp and frosty conditions.

  • Fixing is fast and simple, without the mess and inconvenience of mixing, carrying and using mortar.

  • Dry-Fix roofing can prove highly cost effective. It also means a more consistent appearance, with none of the longer-term maintenance problems and costs associated with mortar bedding.


*Where we can we try to install Klober Dry-Fix products due to their quality. We do from time to time use other manufacturers depending on the properties requirements as different products fit to different gauges of roof. This will be advised as necessary. 

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