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Further Information 

(the boring but important bits)



We have both Employers Liability Insurance and Public and Product Liability Insurance. In the unlikely event of an accident happening, we are fully insured so there would be no risk for the customer. 

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Where we Operate 

Here's a small map showing the areas that we complete work. We are based in Bulkington, CV12 and so our area of work reflects this. 



We take payment on completion of your installation and we do not take deposits (except made to measure items e.g. windows/doors)  

When it comes to your payment, we prefer bank transfer although we do also accept cheques, cash and credit cards (excluding American Express). There is no charge for a credit card payment and we dispose of your details securely as soon as the payment has been made.



We recommend certain scaffolders and these will be detailed on your quotation as a separate quote. Should you be happy to use them, we can book it all in for you. There is no obligation to use these scaffolders however their prices are very competitive.

Getting a Firm Quotation

Getting a firm quotation

Whether you have your work completed by us or another company, it is crucial that you get a firm quotation in writing and not just an estimate as these can be altered and the price may be higher than you expected. With a firm written quote there is no changing the price without your knowledge. It is written agreement and trustworthy companies will provide this.



We use Flex-R Rubberbond EPDM not just the standard EPDM. Flex-R Rubberbond is the only fleeceback EPDM on the UK market.

To learn more, visit our EPDM page.

Why We Don't Pressure Wash

Why we do not pressure wash 

The most common roof tiles in the UK are made from concrete and have a sandy/granular finish on the exposed side of the tile. This part of the tile is designed to gradually wear off until the tile needs to be replaced, usually after 80-100 years of average weathering. Using a high powered pressure washer may strip the surface of the tile, shortening it's life expectancy. Pressure washing can also cause unnecessary foot traffic and force water between the tiles and roofing felt, often leading to cracked or broken roof tiles.

There has been evidence of pressure washing flooding loft spaces. Whilst a typical roof is designed to withstand the elements, it isn't designed to cope with water being ejected from a nozzle at such high speeds and the water may penetrate past the overlaps in the tiles and enter the roof. This then causes a much bigger job than you started out by just having the roof cleaned.

Workmanship Guarantee

Workmanship guarantee

Our installations (excluding cement pointing) hold a 20 year workmanship guarantee. If within 20 years there is a problem with your installation that was our fault, you are guaranteed a free repair. However, this does not include general wear and tear or an issue with the product. 

Fortex Cladding Guarantee Information

Fortex cladding guarantee information

Fortex cladding comes with a 10 year guarantee from the manufacturers in respect to warping, splitting or cracking. This guarantee is offered on pale colours; White, Pale Gold, Sand, Pale Blue and Misty Grey.

A 5 year guarantee for discolouration only is offered on; Cappuccino, Argyl Brown, Storm Grey, Slate Grey, Colonial Blue and Sage Green. 

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