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Dry Verge

Product Details: Providing a Mortar-Free, secure method enclosing the edge of concrete and interlocking verge tiles. It adds a neat design appearance to the verge.

Life Expectancy: This product holds a 10 year guarantee and, when installed correctly this can give a long lasting, maintenance free solution to exposed verge tiles.

Personalisation:  A Dry Verge system can be installed with the appearance of interlocking verge tiles (available in 4 colours) or Continuous Design (available in 3 colours) A Range of colours to blend in with roof tiles. 

Dry Verge suits most concrete interlocking tiles. The neat interlocking Units preserve a ‘stepped’ appearance to the verge and is suitable for refurbishment and newbuild properties. Depending on your tiles Continuous Dry Verge is also an option which consists of three extruded PVC profiles. Available in a range of colours to blend with most tiles, slates and white bargeboards. They secure the verge tiles and slates against wind uplift – without the need for mortar.

Product features & benefits

  • Mortar free

  • All weather fixing

  • Secure mechanical fixing avoids wind uplift problems

  • Neat attractive appearance

  • Weatherproof and maintenance free

  • Unaffected by settlement or differential movement

  • UV stable 

  • Prevents entry of birds and large insects

dry verge
dry verge

Why Choose Mechanically fixed dry verge over mortar? 

The roof is the most exposed part of any building. Using mortar to secure vulnerable areas of the roof, such as the verge, will inevitably lead to future maintenance. Differential movement causes mortar to crack and no reliance should be placed on its tensile or shear strength. The action of frost and rain will exploit the development of hairline cracks.

In contrast, because dry verge is mechanically fixed:

  • It is safe and secure and offers better resistance to wind uplift and water penetration.

  • It complies with BS 5534 requirements for mechanical fixing

  • Fixing need not be a problem in bad weather because, unlike mortar, many Dry-Fix roofing products can be easily installed, even in damp and frosty conditions.

  • Fixing is fast and simple, without the mess and inconvenience of mixing, carrying and using mortar.

  • Dry-Fix roofing can prove highly cost effective. It also means a more consistent appearance, with none of the longer-term maintenance problems and costs associated with mortar bedding.

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